Investment Property Management

The team manages the Council’s commercial property portfolio comprising more than 5000 individual property interests and around 4500 tenants.

The portfolio is made up of retail, industrial, warehousing, workshops, offices and a variety of other property types geographically spread across the city of Birmingham, and as a landlord, Birmingham City Council offers a range of space which caters for the needs of both individual and SME occupiers along with larger regional and national companies.

For start-up businesses, a range of flexible tenancies with ‘easy-in, easy-out’ terms is offered.
The Investment Property Management area of the business currently comprises 4 teams which manage different aspects of the commercial portfolio:


  • Investment Estate Management – managing the day to day operations of the portfolio including tenant management, repairs and maintenance and invoicing/debt recovery
  • Strategic Investment Property Management – rationalising the commercial portfolio through the sale of existing assets, purchasing new assets and investing in the retained portfolio
  • Property Asset Management and Income – comprising the Council’s commercial property lettings team, managing a programme of lease renewal and rent review work and managing the income generated by the Council’s commercial property portfolio
  • Property Development – dealing with major development projects including the disposal of sites for commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use schemes across the city, contributing to wider area regeneration, redevelopment and job creation opportunities