About Us

The City Council is the single largest owner of property in Birmingham and holds the largest land estate of any UK local authority, extending to 26,000 acres. 

Property Services is responsible for leading the Corporate and Strategic Property function for the Council and the implementation of the Corporate Property Strategy 2018 – 2024.

Our core function include the delivery of:

  • key strategic property based development and regeneration schemes
  • income from the commercial property portfolio
  • Asset valuations on behalf of the city
  • the sale of surplus property assets to support front line services.

As the largest local authority in the country with the biggest property portfolio we utilise the council’s property and land assets to stimulate economic activity, attract investment, generate income to support service delivery and to provide frontline services to the citizens of Birmingham.  Our aim is to create a city where every child, citizen and place matters. We want to make Birmingham: a great city to learn, work and invest in; a great city to grow up in; a great city to age well in; a great city to live in; and for residents to gain maximum benefit from hosting the Commonwealth Games. 

One of our objectives is to provide property opportunities across Birmingham for business tenants, prospective landowners and developers. This is achieved through the management and letting of council-owned commercial land and buildings, including shops, offices, industrial units, warehouses, business parks and car parks.

Property Services provides an extensive range of professional services through 3 key areas as detailed below:

Investment Property Management

Property Valuation & Sales

Property Strategy